Sunday, February 04, 2007


wrote a poem for you instead of a post. It is about living in a world where the distinction between an advertisement for a cartoon is indistinguishable from a security threat.
It is about a world where there is no Justice.To be clear, HE didn't write the whole poem, but HE did add the phrase, "who am so awesome.
" Temptation
By Czeslaw Milosz &
.....................Justin Kahn
Under a starry sky I who am so awesome was taking a walk,
On a ridge overlooking neon cities,
With my companion, the spirit of desolation,
Who was running around and sermonizing,
Saying that I who am awesome was not necessary,for if not I who am awesome, then someone else Would be walking here,
trying to understand his age.
Had I who am awesome died long ago nothing would have changed.
The same stars, cities and countries
Would have been seen with other eyes.
The world and its labors would go on as they do.
For Christ's sake, get away from me. You've tormented me enough,
I who am awesome said. It's not up to me to judge the calling of men.
And my merits, if any, I who am awesome won't know anyway."
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